Testimonials - Ethnic Travel Vietnam

Testimonials - Ethnic Travel Vietnam

Hello Bich. We're back in Milano with our heads full of memories, wonderful experiences. Thanks to you also that by your excellent organization of this tour we have been able to love your country. Also participated in the success of all players this trip guides: Long and Tu guide improvised nha trang, then Luan who had the tough task on the last day to take us back to the airport to fly to Italy, and also very careful drivers, the buses are very comfortable, the accuracy of the appointment, and were very punctual, very clean hotels, restaurants all as good and varied. I would return, just two words on the incident at the restaurant imperial Hue, and we all enjoyed your honesty. This is also why we will recommend your agency to friends who want to visit Vietnam, and us also with our friends because we have decided to return to visit the north. Again, congratulations and thank you for everything you did and the hats that were very useful especially in the rain! My friends join me in sending you and say hello.
Roberta Carni and friends from Italy

 We came back very excited about this trip to Vietnam and Cambodia was our first trip organized, and we had some concerns about the daily experiences as a group! But what human experience warm! We can say that all tours and excursions are very interesting (and what a great idea of distributing a pamphlet explaining everyday places, to add in our logbook provided the first day), always with the desire to seek out this little addition standard tourist routes, but gives us a much better idea of what the habits and customs of the country what about exceptional and friendly escorts and local guides always excited to answer our many questions and provide accurate and timely logistics! Over all the surprises organized throughout the trip we also make it very dynamic! Bravo then we return the head and heart full of images (think of Halong Bay, the pedicabs in full dense traffic, impressive pagodas, the courage of workers in the rice fields, forbidden citadel, the Mekong Delta , Angkor-Wat, young artisans at work ... so much to say!!
Elano F Domingos (Portugal)

Here are some of my impressions of the beautiful journey in Asia: Vietnam & Cambodia. Firstly, I have more than a strong point for this trip.
First, in Hanoi, the walkabout we made with the population by the turn of pedicabs, which allowed us to circulate it.
Secondly, the cruise in Halong Bay, you can sleep on board, among all these islands of the South China Sea, and admire the stars on the deck of the junk was a pleasure!
Third, have the possibility to take various means of transport such as trains, sampans, junks, speed boat and tuk-tuk. All these methods are a way for us to discover the beauty that we offer these two countries.
Fourth, despite the 3 comments quoted above, if we had not had a guide to the height, all seem pale and uninteresting at times, which did not happen because we had a guide in Vietnam who able to make us know all the facets of his country and meet our thousand questions. He has not counted his hours to get all kinds of services. Guides of Cambodia and Thailand and beyond were excellent too!
Fifth ... Ha! Meals, what to say! Despite the rice, we had a variety of dishes at each meal were all very good but for me it was lunch with all the exotic fruits. I'm not a tea drinker but I admit it was very good, but coffee is something different because it is excellent and although he finished a meal, but to begin the meal, what better than cold beer after a visit, and they are very good.
I will conclude by writing this: this circuit has been achieved in a very professional way as we see the choice of hotels, sites visited, means of transport and restaurants. Everything has been carefully chosen and carefully. For all these reasons I consider myself lucky to be able to travel with a good group that has a taste for traveling well.
Carlos B Blanco (Mexico)

We were on the trip to Vietnam. We want to tell you that we share all the comments of these two lovely people. Even after a few weeks, we still have lots of beautiful pictures and memories of the group and people who have supported us from the hands of master for the duration of stay. Hat you do a great job!!

Monique Chantana (Belgium)

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