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Area: 208.7 sq. km 
 Population: 185, 228 habitants (year 2001)
 Administrative division:
 - Wards: Ha Khanh, Ha Lam, Ha Trung, Ha Phong, Ha Tu, Hong Hai, Cao Thang, Cao Xanh, Yet Kieu, Tran Hung Dao, Bach Dang, Hon Gai,   Bai Chay, Hong Ha, Ha Khau, Gieng Day, Hung Thang, Tuan Chau
 - Communes: Viet Hung, Dai Yen.
 Ethnic groups: Mainly the Viet (or Kinh)

Halong City, formerly the Hon Gai Town, is the cultural, economic and political centre of Quang Ninh Province. It borders Cam Pha to the east, the Yen Hung District to the west, the Hoanh Bo District to the north and Halong Bay to the south with the coastline of 20km.
The city is divided into two parts: East Halong and West Halong. The eastern part is an industrial zone where most of the province’s official buildings are also concentrated. The western part, also called Bai Chay, is the animated tourism zone.
Thien Cung Grotto
 Halong's population are most having emigrated from other places to settle here. Halong Bay is famous internationally, and is recognized as a World Heritage by UNESCO for its thousands of natural islands. Also in the city, there are temples, pagodas and historical relics.In addition to the most active branch of tourism, there are other economic activities such as: trade, seaport, coal, marine products and the production of construction materials.

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Halong bay cruise, Halong bay tours, Halong travel guide

Halong bay cruise, Halong bay tours, Halong travel guide

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